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Timberthane is a polyurethane coating used to give wood siding a protective shell and vibrant colour. Unlike latex paints, Timberthane coatings completely encapsulate each piece of siding, making it nearly impossible for water, sun, and abrasion to have an effect on the wood or colour. Timberthane is the most technologically advanced siding on the market, and we are proud to be the only manufacturers of this top-quality product in the world.

Why Do I Need Timberthane?

Latex paint siding has a very short lifetime. Due to being water based, it’s very easy for the paint to fade, chip, and peel. Over time, your once vibrant siding will begin to look dull. Choosing Timberthane means less work for you in the long-term. The Timberthane coating contains UV inhibitors, making it less susceptible to fading or discolouration, so your home or cottage stays bright and fresh-looking for years to come, without needing to be repainted. Timberthane is created when 2 marine/automotive grade polymer coatings work together to create a durable, resistant shell. This not only protects the colour of your siding, but it also prevents decay.

How Will This Benefit Me?

Your dream home or cottage deserves beautiful maintenance-free siding that stays looking vibrant and like-new for many years to come. Our siding is the highest of quality – it never needs to be replaced or repainted, and is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. Timberthane is one of the best investments you can make in your home. It will keep your home looking new, while enhancing its overall value. Other sidings will weather and depreciate, costing you more time, money, and hassle in the future. Do yourself a favor – choose Timberthane. Your future self will thank you.


Different Than Latex Paint

Timberthane siding is much different than your ordinary latex painted wood or vinyl siding. In fact, there isn’t latex paint, or any paint at all used in creating this incredible siding; it’s not water-based, and it doesn’t peel or crack. There is a lot more that goes into our siding than just a simple coat of paint.

Extremely Durable Siding

Timberthane is a wood coating that is created when 2 marine/automotive grade polymers join together to cure and create an incredibly durable shell. The shell not only covers the siding that “shows” but it also covers the back in its entirety. This prevents moisture from getting in and damaging your wood siding.

Moisture Resistant &
Anti-Microbial Siding

The front, coloured side, is created with a more breathable coating (think Gore-Tex), which allows moisture to be released, but not absorbed. In addition, our formula contains an anti-microbial additive to help resist mould and mildew. This in itself, gives you a lifetime of solid wood protection. No decay, no mess. You get stable wood siding structure, forever.

Ceramic Formula

Timberthane was created to eliminate wood siding maintenance. That’s why it is packed with UV inhibitors that block the harmful rays and damage the sun can do to your coloured siding. We’ve also mixed 8% ceramic into our formula to help it resist destructive elements like sand, water, and of course, the sun. It keeps the siding looking fresh and vibrant, as well as scratch, chip, and fade-free.


Technologically Advanced Coating

  • Marine/automotive grade
  • Resists fading, chipping, and decay
  • Breathable coating (like Gore-Tex)
  • Slower absorption and release of moisture makes a more stable substrate
  • Anti-microbial additive repels mould and mildew

The Extra Mile

  • We supply every order with colour-tinted nails to match your siding for a seamless look.
  • Can be installed at any time, at your own convenience – winter, summer, spring, or fall! Our coating cures at sub-freezing temperatures.
  • We offer unlimited colour choices, custom siding, trims, shakes, and more.
  • We deliver anywhere in the world, so you can have top-quality, hassle-free siding, no matter where you are.
  • We work closely with you to make sure you get exactly what you want.
  • We offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE for our Timberthane siding. It’s the best siding warranty in the business.

Tough as Steel

  • Contains 8% ceramic to resist scratching and staining
  • Packed with UV inhibitors – coating won’t fade like paint
  • Resists weathering and destructive elements


We are truly proud of our Timberthane products, and we are pleased to stand behind them and their wonderful value. That’s why we offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on our entire Timberthane product line. We believe in quality, value, and innovation. That’s why we are so passionate about Timberthane, and why we feel so privileged to be able to share it with you. Allow us to provide you with vibrant, long-lasting, and maintenance-free siding on your home or cottage.

For more information on the best warranty in the siding industry, call one of our experts today!



Timberthane is the best siding in the market. It has gained its wonderful reputation by being extremely low-maintenance, surpassing the quality of all of its peers, and retaining durability even in the toughest elements. We are pleased to offer ANY colour, ANY profile, and we are dedicated to bringing your custom creation to life.

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